Johnny's Qwaqhouse! OpenQwaq Client Download

Download the client and get connected to the most fun on the web since Yahoo! chat rooms! (Well almost)

Be sure to consult the easy-to-follow setup instructions below to get connected to my server
Windows Logo

Windows 7 or better can use the MSI installer

Windows installer

WinXP users should get the Windows (zip)

Apple users copy the zip to your applications folder and double click it :)


Linux users I have no idea. You are on your own!


Easy-to-follow instructions for Qwaq Client setup

  1. Download and install the client
  2. Enter the guest account and password: guest.
  3. Click the "More Options" button. In the panel that appears, click the +. Enter in the address bar
  4. Click the login button and browse a whole new way to surf the web
Click on More Options..., click the + sign and enter the address in the dialog

This site is dedicated to the generous software developers who gave us great software like Squeak, Croquet and Qwaq.