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Qwaq is useful

More than a few of the worlds largest corporations used Teleplace (tm), OpenQwaq's predecessor, and still use it as Terf (tm) from 3DICC. The US Navy used Qwaq to mock up next-gen warship command and control centers to simulate their use and improve the designs. Universities are using it as well for online courses. Check out the demo and see what fully immersive 3D virtual tele-conferencing is all about

Qwaq is the future

Built by some of the best minds in the business, OpenQwaq achieves multiuser synchronization using replicated execution. This makes it fast and responsive with very little server load

OpenQwaq is FREE!

Why would you want a crappy little website when you could have a suite of offices in the cloud???

This site is dedicated to the generous software developers who gave us great software like Squeak, Croquet and Qwaq.